10 Best Pressure Cooker 5 Litre In India – 2023 Buying Guide

Best Selling 5 Litre Pressure Cookers

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If there’s one thing that won’t change about the Indian kitchen, it’s that you would rarely find a home without a pressure cooker. Why is that? Well, a pressure cooker is one of the most trendy and the best cooking utensils around. They come in handy for every purpose and there is rarely any kitchen that does not feature a pressure cooker.

Pressure cooker tends to make life pretty easy for us and is certainly regarded well. A pressure cooker works on a simple principle of cooking with the help of steam and pressure and frankly, nothing could beat it. They come in different types and variants and we of lately have been looking at these as for our review series.

Pressure cookers come along in traditional mold aluminum ones, stainless steel ones, and hard-anodized ones. We as part of our series looking into all these to find the best ones on the list. Then there’s your volume count where it comes in different volumes like 2 liters, 3 liters, 5 liters and more. We have already taken a keen look at the 3-liter series and this time is on the lookout for the 5-liter pressure cooker for our review.

But before we go down onto the best 5-liter pressure cooker, wouldn’t it be a good choice to look into what makes 5 -liter pressure cookers a good choice to buy. Read along.

What makes a 5-liter pressure cooker a good choice?

Pressure cookers are a pretty versatile piece. They come in different volumes and are good to cook along. The basis size starts from 1 liter and extends further to 5 liters and more. The 5-liter piece comes with great usage as it can tend to cook well for a large family. This one is often on the heavy side but is more suited for the roles that a large family has.

  • Heavy build
  • Highly efficient performance
  • Perfectly suited for a large family
  • Highly durable

Top pressure cookers that you can buy today

Here’s us with a list of the top ten best 5-liter pressure cookers that you can line up for yourself. Read along.

1. Hawkins Contura Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker

Hawkins Hard Anodised Aluminium Pressure Cooker

We all know where Hawkins stands when it comes to the kitchen appliances and not many can beat it to it for the top spot. Their products have been making good raves all over and duly stand as the topmost for the quality and durability remarks.

Their Contura range is one of the most celebrated pieces around and comes with a high-grade design. It comes in stainless steel and hard anodized both editions and we would be covering the hard-anodized one here. This one comes with a hard-anodized body and contains a stainless steel lid on top of it.

It has an ample base that supports the cooking for induction and gas stove both. It comes with a rounded design that will help in stirring the food easily and also supports better visibility of the food. It’s suited for cooking for 5-7 people. It comes with 5 years of warranty.

  • Unique design
  • Hard anodized body
  • Compatible with both induction and gas stove
  • 5 years manufacturers’ warranty

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2. Prestige Nakshatra Plus Hard Anodised Aluminium Pressure Handi, 5 liters, Black

Prestige Nakshatra Anodised Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Placed at second in our list is the one from Prestige, another major player of the market which has been taking the top plaudits along with Hawkins for being the best of the lot. They are rightfully the best two of the lot in India and they deserve it so.

This one from Prestige is part of their Nakshatra series of pressure cookers which is one of the best ones in terms of design and performance. It comes with a hard-anodized form and has an inner lid system.

The pressure cooker also has an anti-bulge-based induction base which allows it to cook in both the induction and on a gas stove. It also features a metallic safety based plug that allows for better safety when it comes to cooking.

It also has a pressure regulator and comes with unique shapes and a vibrant based finish that is sure to catch the eye. It comes with 5 years of the manufacturer’s guarantee.

  • Heavy build body
  • Hard anodized form
  • The vibrant and unique shape
  • Anti-bulge based induction base
  • 5 years manufacturers’ warranty

3. Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker, 5 Litres, Silver

Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Next up is the one again from Prestige and this time is one of their most popular of products, the time tested aluminum pressure cooker. This one of the most popular and top-selling under them and comes with a high-quality build made from virgin aluminum.

It perfectly compatible with the gas stove and comes with a metallic safety valve that allows for easy gasket release making it entirely safe for you and your family. It features agile performance and is built to facilitate easy and fast cooking. It comes with 5 years of the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Heavy build quality
  • Metallic safety valve
  • The easy gasket release system
  • 5 years manufacturers’ warranty

4. Pigeon INOX Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker 5 L

Pigeon INOX Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Placed at fourth in our list is the one from Pigeon, another of the major players in the Indian kitchen appliance industry. They come along as the perfect option for people who are looking at something else different from Hawkins and Prestige.

This one has an ergonomic design and is built from high-grade stainless steel and is well known for its stronger body frame. It features a lead-free valve and has an efficient system for heat distribution making it one of the fast cooking pressure cookers around.

It is compatible with both induction cooking and gas stove cooking and is perfect for a large family of 5-7 people. It comes with 5 years of the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Beautifully designed model
  • Sports induction base
  • Faster cooking option
  • 5 years manufacturers’ warranty

5. Prestige Clip On Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker with Glass Lid 5 liter

Prestige Clip On Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

One of the most unique ones of the entire lot, this one is a modern design based pressure cooker that comes with a modern design frame. It has a clip-on-lid top that is one of the most unique ones seen around and comes in a stainless steel body. It bears all the hallmarks of the top Prestige product and is sure to offer great usage.

It has a high-grade stainless steel body and comes with a uniquely placed ladle holder. Isn’t that quite a convenience? It also has an insulated handle that is placed with a double screw so that it can operate pretty easily. It also comes with a high grade built which makes it quite durable and lasts long for years.

There’s both an induction base and gas compatibility with this one. It also makes use of its design by offering both cooking and serving a purpose. It comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Uniquely designed model
  • Heavy body frame
  • Induction base
  • Unique ladle holder
  • Insulated body
  • 5 years manufacturers’ warranty

6. Helicon AluminiumHandi Pressure Cooker – 5 Liter

Helicon AluminiumHandi Pressure Cooker

If there’s another name that comes to mind when that talk’s been ongoing about the top pressure cookers, then surely we can not leave out Helicon. One of the major players of the market, they have consistently offered good products for long.

This pressure cooker from them is built in an aluminum base and comes with a compatible base for both induction and gas cooking. It also features a precision weight valve which makes the cooking pretty safe for you and allows you to save plenty of time on cooking.

It also has a metallic safety based plug and works to release any of the extra pressure that the regulator may cause. There’s also a locked safety lid option and 5 years of manufacturing guarantee with this one.

  • Highly durable build
  • Heavy build quality
  • Both induction and gas cooking compatible base
  • Precision weight valve
  • 5 years manufacturers’ warranty

7. Hawkins Miss Mary Aluminium Pressure Cooker, 5 Liters, Silver

Hawkins Miss Mary Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Another of Hawkins’s entry into the list, this one is one of the top sellers of the market. Build in the aluminum base, the one which has stood the test of time. This one comes with a premium grade of aluminum and features modern design elements like leak-proof features and more.

It is perfectly compatible to use with both induction and gas cooking and is assured to be trouble-free completely. It’s something Hawkins has taken care of with this model like they do with all their products.

It has a base diameter of 164mm and is built on a flat point and comes with aggressive pricing that will make it a worthwhile investment. It has 5 years of the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Made from high-grade aluminum
  • Features leak-proof built
  • Compatible with gas stove
  • Perfect for small household

8. Pigeon by Stovekraft Favourite Aluminum Pressure Cooker

Pigeon by StovekraftFavourite Aluminum Pressure Cooker

Another one from the Pigeon brand in our listing, this one comes as a good mid-range option and is one of the best sellers of the segment. It has an aluminum build and it’s something that is still preferred by many mid-level Indian kitchens for their time tested features and price.

This one comes with a build quality from the best available aluminum and has an inner lid system as the same as other mid-range pressure cookers. It has a heavy base and comes with a sturdy build. It has a capacity of 5 liters and comes as a gas stove compatible.

It also has a knob lock system. It has a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Heavy build
  • Gas stove compatibility
  • 5 years manufacturers’ warranty

9. Butterfly Cordial Aluminium Pressure Cooker, 5 Liters, Silver

Butterfly Cordial Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Butterfly has been one of the top brands in the Indian kitchen appliance range and they rightfully deserve their name in the list. This one from Butterfly is one of the top sellers of their list and is a good piece to have. It comes along with an ergonomic design and features high-grade aluminum.

It features aesthetically designed gripping handles that make for easy handling and usage. It also has locking arrangements placed in between handles for safety. It has a precision-based weight set which makes it easy to regulate cooking with steam and its pressure. It is perfectly suited for both induction and gas stove cooking. It comes with 5 years of warranty.

  • Ergonomically designed model
  • Precision weight ratio
  • Induction base
  • Supports fast cooking
  • 5 years manufacturers’ warranty

10. Bajaj Majesty Pressure Cooker with Inner Lid, 5 Litres

Bajaj Pressure cooker

Bajaj stands a good choice for many who wants to have the top-spec and quality kitchen appliances without spending the big bucks. Bajaj makes that possible for you. Their products are lauded for their quality and top-notch feature and come along as good choices.

This one comes across as a gas compatible pressure cooker build with the virgin aluminum from Hindalco. It has a long-lasting and durable gasket and comes with an anti-bulging base and is further ISI marked for quality. It comes with 5 years of warranty.

  • Uniquely designed model
  • Heavy body
  • Made from virgin Hindalco aluminum
  • Gas compatible
  • 5 years manufacturers’ warranty

Final Words

Pressure cookers have become one of the major parts of our lives these days. They come in various sizes and are fitted to a different family purpose. These 5-liter pressure cookers are good for a home with a large family. We hope you find this useful.

Check out which are the bestselling 5-liter pressure cookers available in India right now:

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